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Wedding Reception Layout Planner

Wedding reception layout planner specifications 3D DESIGN Your subscription includes the full
feature desktop and iOS mobile ver-
sions of BrideVue 3D - The most
reception and event design tool.
Includes exclusive wedding tips and
trend ideas from today’s best event
planners and vendors.
CONSULTATION BrideVue Consultation is a quick start on your wedding or
event planning. Receive expertise and design ideas in a
concise, efficient, and affordable format. Includes video
chat within a structured program to give essential inform-
ation regarding color themes, vendors, venues, and pertin-
ent advice for planning your big day.
Choose from a growing list of wedding and event experts
fitting your event location, budget, and style. Choose from
FREE consultation, 30 mins session for $75, or 60 mins ses-
sion for $149. Consultation access is FREE with subscription.
PRO VERSION BrideVue Pro Version is an elegant,
powerful, and user friendly wedding
planning layout tool allowing event
professionals, venue managers, or
the bride & groom to simply arrange
guest count, set tables and seating
chart, and solidify all the essential
details for a blueprint of your room
(PRO VERSION COMING SOON) Subscribe and Start Designing Your Dream Event Today Only $9.99 / month usd *Your subscription automatically renews each month. Cancel or Suspend subscription anytime.
Disclaimer: All information submitted will remain secure, confidential and will be shared with no one.