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We are always looking for raw talent and a passion for your craft. We want to feel and see your enthusiasm in your work. Our studio is creating an innovative platform for the event and hotel industry. We are looking for the best to join our team. If you have what it takes and want to do amazing work, come and see us.


Work with a super creative group of people with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about making a beautiful product that has a real impact on the event planning industry. Trips to Hawaii and work at our Hawaii studio. Well compensated for your hard work. Lunch from our in-house chef/CEO. Autonomy in what you do, join in the decision making and have a real impact on our end product. Gear to get the work done. A unique and impressive project to add to your professional resume.

Database Programmer

Knowledge of Python for database, ideally experience with the Pyramid framework.

Database experience with SQL and Python.

We work with Unity in C# and database backend in Python.

Knowledge of at least one C family language: C/C++, C#, Java.

Bring your portfolio to show us your best projects.


If you have a passion for games, creating and developing them, we want to see what you've done.

Graphic Designer

We are looking for an in-house graphic designer to work on elements of our product including applications, software, and marketing tools.

Bring your portfolio to show us your best projects.


If you are interested in Bridevue and want to become an investor.