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Wedding venue planner specifications 3D DESIGN Your subscription includes the full
feature desktop and iOS mobile ver-
sions of BrideVue 3D - The most
reception and event design tool.
Includes exclusive wedding tips and
trend ideas from today’s best event
planners and vendors.
CONSULTATION BrideVue Consultation provides for the first time in event
history an immersive and interactive online platform for
wedding and event planners. Offer brides in your local
area or across the country expertise and design sugges-
tions in a concise and efficient format. Utilize the BrideVue
3D design tool and video chat in real time within a structu-
red program designed to give brides a quick start on their
wedding plans.
Offer your services in your own comfortable setting at
set hourly rate options: $75 per 30 mins or $149 per 60 mins
PRO VERSION BrideVue Pro Version is an elegant,
powerful, and user friendly wedding
reception layout tool allowing event
professionals, venue managers, or
the bride & groom to simply arrange
guest count, set tables and seating
chart, and solidify all the essential
details for a blueprint of your room
(PRO VERSION COMING SOON) Choose from 4 affordable options: 1 Month Subscription - $9.99 usd 6 Month Subscription - $16.99 usd 3 Month Subscription - $12.99 usd 1 Year Subscription - $19.99 usd *Your subscription does not automatically renew
Disclaimer: All information submitted will remain secure, confidential and will be shared with no one.